Is Europe standing with Ukraine or riding with Putin?

(Transport and Environment, 28 Feb 2022) These are dark and sad days. What does this crisis mean for Europe?

These are dark and sad days. For Europe, for freedom, for democracy and most importantly for the people of Ukraine. As the world looks on in horror at Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe faces its biggest crisis in decades.

As a European federation, we have partners in Ukraine. We offer them our wholehearted support and we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and the incredibly brave protesters across Russia who dare challenge Putin and his regime. 

The outburst of solidarity and sympathy with Ukraine across much of Europe is heartening. But actions speak louder than words. 

Let’s face it: Europe is complicit in Russian aggression. While gas has grabbed the headlines lately, it is our addiction to Russian oil that has helped fuel Putin’s wars, in Georgia, in Ukraine and, let’s not forget, in Syria.

Analysis from T&E shows that as the value of Russia’s crude oil imports to the EU and UK has increased, so has Russian defense spending. There has been a strong correlation for a very long time. 

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Transport and Environment, 28 Feb 2022: Is Europe standing with Ukraine or riding with Putin?